The Classic White T-Shirts

Written by Aryan

A piece of clothing that is probably worn worldwide and is an integral part of our daily life is the T-shirt. There are countless variations of the T-shirt, but one style is and remains the absolute classic forever: the white shirt. Everyone connects something different with him.

The white T-shirt is arrested in our society like no other garment. And where exactly it comes from is not so sure. One theory suggests that the T-shirt was made by seafarers. For a long time they had a rigging shirt that resembled a T-shirt and had a button placket on the front. Another theory assumes that the T-shirt comes from England. Apparently, the nobility had only allowed tea serving staff to wear a short-sleeved linen shirt while serving to avoid permanent black tea stains on clothing. The representatives of this theory base their thesis on the spelling “tea shirt”, which is also used in England.

The shirt only became a socially accepted item of clothing after the World War II. Especially movie stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean made the T-shirt popular until now only known as T-shirt. The rebellious young men of cinema made him an icon of pop culture. The T-shirt was associated with the rebels, and so it became part of the fashion of the semi-strong.

In the 1970s, the jersey gained the upper hand. Thereafter, it was worn by both women and men, and became an everyday item of clothing. To date, numerous variants of the -T-shirt have been developed, for example, polo T-shirts, V-neck T-Shirts, etc.

The classic white t-shirt can be easily combined in all its variants and you will be quickly, very well dressed. It fits, for example, all denim parts and, with a white shirt, you can combine a wide range of accessories and easily create a wide variety of looks.

But there are also some things to consider. It is important with white T-shirts that you have a good deodorant. Unfortunately, T-shirts tend to change color slightly under the armpits. The yellowish spots look ugly and make you look sloppy.

If you follow the few rules and have some good accessories, you can really get a lot out of a T-shirt. Seen this way, the classic white t-shirt definitely deserves a very special place in our wardrobe.

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