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Written by Anushka

Giving birth to your baby is far quite a physical act. it’s a life-altering experience, filled with emotion, beauty, and meaning. For pregnant and new moms, it’s also a time of uncertainty, with a changing body, unique skincare issues, a new baby to care for, and increased safety concerns.

With women so busy today, we would like to make it easier for you. We understand that it is difficult for pregnant women and new mothers to go through a big store and sort through all the different product options: different manufacturers, shapes, colors, combinations, and trying to figure out what fits and what doesn’t.

Our vision is to make a home for the “future mom” where they feel that the clothes fit and work for them, to complement their curves from the first sign of pregnancy to long after pregnancy.

At Growing Beautiful, we know that feeling good about YOU contributes to good self-esteem, physical and mental health; and transfers that feeling to the growing fetus. We are presenting something that has been known for centuries but has been overlooked by many in the fashion industry. That pregnancy shouldn’t limit a woman’s ability to look good.

We welcome you to the start of a revolution in dresses for pregnant women, a clothing line that brings out the best in every woman who wears them.

Being a woman “is a gift” and being pregnant is only one of the stages, but we are constantly developing ways to “Grow beautiful”.

Wishing you a warm welcome and the best during your pregnancy!

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